Everyone whose has watched the Lord of the Rings' movies has seen sting. Used by Frodo and later Sam. Sting is a elvish blade and glows blue when orcs or bad guys are around. It is a short sword and was given to Frodo by his uncle Bilbo whose used it to fight off monster spiders and then named it sting. It is a short sword.

legolas's white knives

These are Legolas's white knives. You might not have seen him use these but he did in the batle for Helm's Deep. These are curved short swords and they are shaped after Elrods sword. They do not glow blue when bad guys are near because; one they are to bright and the bad guys would see you and two they are distracting.

Gandalf's Glamdring (or foe hammer)

This sword was used in all the battles Gandalf faced save one when he battle Saruman. It was found in a troll hoard with sting and orcist. It's inscription says "Glamdring mate of Orcist, foe hammer and orc hammer. It is a Bastard sword